Learn from Native Speakers

This section has links to websites where you can learn Spanish by interacting with native speakers, either via audio or video (like Skype) or through text messages or emails. Learn more here.

Software and Apps

Another great way to learn Spanish online is using software that teaches you the basics. You can learn on your smart phone, tablet or personal computer. Lots of choices and lots of opportunities to learn. Find the best software and apps to learn Spanish online here.

Start Here

Learn to study Spanish onlineThe days of going to class and memorizing phrases such as “Which way to the library ” from a textbook are long gone. Today you can not only find great online study aids to help you learn Spanish, but there are also new interactive methods like Skype, online chat, and videos to help to speak and understand the language more like a native speaker.

Our goal is to connect you with all the best resources available online to help you study and speak Spanish.